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Wisdom from Jewel Diamond Taylor

Saturday, July 25, 2015

*Wisdom from Jewel Diamond Taylor*
      "When you are feeling under the pressure of life, be careful not to lose your way, your faith or your identity.  When I see the word "pressure"... I see two (2) words, PRESS and SURE.  

      The heavy weight of maintaining your family, business, ministry, job, studies, finances and meeting deadliness can PRESS down on you so hard that you can begin to question God and yourself.  You could begin to ask, "Are you sure God I'm supposed to be doing this? Are you sure I am anointed, blessed, talented, covered, called and destined to do this?  The phone isn't ringing. The sales are slow. My progress is slow.  I feel stuck.  No one seems interested in keeping the family together. You may begin to question yourself under the pressure and ask yourself, "Am I sure I can do this?  Am I sure God will show up?  Am I sure things will work out?  Am I sure I am qualified and ready? I'm not sure I can cope and handle this difficult situation.
        These questions under pressure can cause you to experience Identify Theft.  External and internal voices, feelings and situations can cause you to lose your confidence and trust in God and trust in yourself.
   The term "identity theft" comes from the escalating criminal acts of finances, identification and credit being stolen. Those who fight against identity theft and arrest the criminals, warn people to do three (3) things to avoid identity theft. 
     I think the three steps can help you to stop "spiritual identity thief"... click here to continue reading

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Motivational speaker, author, life coach, wife, mother, spiritual teacher and a strong women's advocate Jewel Diamond Taylor is the Founder of the Do Not Give Up Foundation 501(c)(3) and Women on the Grow Programs provides emotional wellness resources for disenfranchised women in crisis (e.g. depression, divorce, abuse, self-esteem issues, seeking employment/purpose, relationships empowerment, grief counseling, leadership and mentoring support, parenting skills, coaching, sobriety and so much more).

call Jewel - 323.964.1736
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write Jewel - P.O. Box 9582, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

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